Kohler Design Center: Customizing Your New Kitchen

Some would argue that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s certainly one of the most important places to have the best appliances! Whether you’re looking for a simple towel rack or a whole new sink, Kohler has you and your kitchen covered.


Kohler and kitchens, we’re really seeing a lot of grays making their way back into the space. So the beautiful accent wall yo u can see behind me really carries through a beautiful gray tone. We’re seeing it in counter tops, we’re seeing it in kitchen sinks, we’re seeing it in accent paint colors. But it’s really making a strong charge to revive gray. The real beauty behind gray is you can get warmer with the gray and make the space a bit more traditional and really soften it up, or you can do a cooler, darker gray and really help a space feel more modern and definitely a little more cutting edge. So the multi-tier sink here designed for Kallista by Mick de Giulio really has some cool accessories. There’s this great rinsing colander here that sits into a nice little frame. I put this on the lower edge and then I take my cutting board here and I set it along the top edge, it really helps it increase and speed up my food preparation. This allows you to really work above your kitchen sink with the water right at your fingertips, but really maximizes space without having to spread out in the kitchen or really need large counter tops to work. So in the corner here you can put a traditional strainer but I really like to pair big, single bowls with a garbage disposal just for easy food removal. Also built on to this cutting board is a little bar that comes out here, which is designed to hold a hand towel or a dishrag, but it also can double as a knife sharpener, which is very effective. You’ll also see this long slot along here that if I’m cutting and I’m using different knives, you can feed a knife through there, keep it out of danger but still have it at your fingertips when you need those items.