Emmanuelle CHOUSSY photo exhibition | Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, Sept 2014.

Emmanuelle CHOUSSY “ETRE & PARAITRE” picture exhibition, Los Angeles PACIFIC Design Heart, Sept 2014.
300 persons attended the French photographer ‘s opening reception. We experienced the possibility to welcome vogue designer ADOLFO SANCHEZ, director PITOF, painter/design/actress ILONA SMET, producer FABRICE SOPOGLIAN…
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Her 114 great online supporters
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— For the vogue exhibit :
Le Dessein, Eric Coly, Africa-France-United states
Wendy, Darlene, Maleika, Taylor & Anna the types
Lea Journo Salon and Adela May possibly-Pino
Titelle Couture, France
AP artwork jewelry, Holland
La Piazzetta di Capri – Fabio, Italy
The Goddess jewelry by Sandrine Klein, France
Monica Couture, Pakistan
Antoanetta good jewelry, Bulgaria