Contemporary style house with garage Asymmetric & mezzaine Beautiful – Architecture

The shape of the house on this one, which is a 2 block building with a pointed roof and an asymmetrical cube-shaped garage, a contemporary interpretation of traditional Polish style. The house is also equipped with materials such as brick, concrete, and sheet with gray.

The facade of the building facing the street had a window the least, to protect the privacy of residents while reducing noise. In addition, the fence was also installed to provide security.

Form of house building is heavily influenced by its function. Residents of this house, consisting of father, mother, and two children, want the freedom to move, without interfering with each other. That is why, this house is divided into two parts, separating areas for parents and children.

The ground floor, created as a public area for all family members. Here there is a unique kitchen connects to the garden, as well as a spacious living room with a loft or mezzaine who reached the attic or under a roof. The open living room has large windows with a steel frame, which exposes the scenic beauty of the exterior. Additionally, mezzaine in this living room was no less unique, because it is equipped with a library, where there is a bookshelf made of old wood is very pretty.