15 minutes working in Flylady Zone 1 (entry, hall, dining room)

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Diane in Denmark – I’m here to be your cheerleader! Are you ready to get organized? I love using the Flylady and Getting Things Done systems!

Christmas/the Holidays

Read all about the Flylady’s “Cruising through the Holidays”

Download the Flylady’s “Cruising through the Holidays” Control Journal

Doubts and my own Flylady story

From Chaos to Clean! I will hold your hand for the 31 days of the Flylady’s Babysteps!

Declutter (How to start, how to keep going)

Using the magic timer! How long does it take to do laundry/ironing/unload the dishwasher?

Working in the Flylady Zones (cleaning, decluttering, missions)

LOL! (Loads of laundry…)

My Flylady Routines

My Morning Routine
My Evening Routine

Making a Flylady Control Journal

Question and Answer Time

Flylady’s Weekly Home Blessing Hour
Routines – The Seven Day Challenge

Virtual 5 Day Retreat, Flylady style

40 Day Declutter Challenge

Getting started on difficult days – TOTH (Top of the Hour, Jedi Mind Trick)

Find out more about Flylady and Flylady Premium…

The Flylady Plus app is free

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